Sep 4, 2012
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A Lenovo Essential G570 Review

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If you’ve been wondering if this Lenovo product is worth your money, read our Lenovo Essential G570 review and find out for yourself. Over the years, Lenovo has created some of the best laptop units in the market, and is still currently striving to provide us with award-winning laptops. Lenovo began in China and was founded by JiaXufu. Today, Lenovo is now co-headquartered around the globe in places like Singapore, Morrisville, North Carolina and Beijing.

Lately, Lenovo released the Essential series, a string of laptops that are designed to bring quality to the masses without costing a lot. The Essential series was launched last 2009 and there are currently at least fifteen Essential series units released, the first one being the G530. But enough about Lenovo’s history and let us now move on with the Lenovo Essential G570 review.


The Pros of the Lenovo Essential G570

As stated above, the Lenovo series was created to be affordable, and the G570 is a very budget-friendly piece of equipment. This laptop is around $100 cheaper compared to most laptops in the market.

Another excellent part about the G570 is its superb trackpad. The G570’s trackpad has an amazing multi-touch feature, which used to be a signature attribute of Apple laptops. With the trackpad of the G570, you can now zoom in the screen just by “pinching” the trackpad. The trackpad is also very fast and can support two-finger scrolling.

The G570 has a very simple look. Perhaps the judgment of this characteristic is more of a case-to-case basis, but if you were a person who enjoys an uncomplicated laptop that won’t attract too much attention, then this would be a great laptop for you. It has a classic dark brown and glossy plastic lid with the Lenovo logo imprinted on the middle.

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The Cons of the Lenovo Essential G570

You might be wondering why there are only three advantages of the G570 mentioned above. Read on and we will tell you why. Although the G570 is a pretty economical laptop, it certainly functions like a cheap laptop as well, to the point that the missing features will only end up frustrating you.

The G570 doesn’t come with a video card. This laptop unit depends greatly on the Intel processor and its integrated graphics. Because of this, you won’t be able to play a lot of PC games or do some video editing on this laptop.

Although the case of this laptop may look simple and sturdy, it can actually be quite fragile since the cases are thin and made of plastic.

The G570 also performs poorly when it comes to video editing. In fact, even watching videos can be a bit stressful with the G570 since it lacks an HDMI port. This laptop unit also promises an excellent LCD screen quality but that is not entirely the case. The LCD screen is too bright that it makes the colors look dull and muted.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a flexible laptop that you can use for heavy school projects or for some gaming then this laptop might not be a good investment for you. Due to the lack in the G570’s hardware, there is very little to do with this laptop, as it cannot run large and useful programs. If your sole purpose for purchasing a laptop is to surf the net, type documents and watch a few movies, then this will be an economical choice for you. Hopefully with our Lenovo Essential G570 review; you now have a grasp of the pros and cons of this laptop unit.



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