Hi there my name is K.J and i am first of all a geek and after that i am a full time internet marketer,Website Developer ,Search engine Optimization Expert,Internet marketing consultant and Online Business Analyst ,CPA Marketing Mentor. And a long list of services in fact  .Any ways Being a full time marketer as i mainly call myself marketer  This thing computer is like oxygen to me the day i don`t sit on computer do not check my e-mails i feel like i am dying . i have been in this field since i was 14 and now i am 20 . i have done some really cool work on internet and got much success in social and and marketing , You can call me a all rounder in online money making as i love to learn new things and i have my legs in almost every field from website development , Sales generation for offline local small businesses to internet/affiliate marketing , domination ,social media marketing, Business reports , Business analysis and blahhhh list is endless . In Short i created this website just to write myself about computers as i am in love with this  machine ,tough i outsource writing tasks for my other 10 websites but this one is only site for which i write with my hands . that’s all for now i have to go and check my marketing campaigns will write more about myself if i got time . enjoy brousing blog and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at contact@bestvaluelaptops.co.uk and please do not forget to write comments on articles as they tell us you like our effort or not ! thats all for today kj signing off 😉