Jan 31, 2014
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Acer Aspire M5 : A Low Budget Laptop for You

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Product Description


You would love to carry the Acer Aspire M5, which only weighs 4.9 pounds and only 0.7 thick. This comes with big display, longer battery life and better computing performance at a price of £425.30. You got more reason why you would buy the machine for your low cost budget.

The machine is built with Intel Core i5 and an 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. This is integrated with HD4400 graphics and 500GB of hard disk. The Haswell architecturemakes an impressive performance when it comes to image editing. With a longer battery life that could last up to 7 hours, you definitely enjoy using this laptop for long for your applications, surfing and even gaming.

It makes a good impression with its pewter colored brushed metal lid and black soft touch. The touch controls and the 10 point touchscreen displays are very responsive and easy to use. It has a bright screen display with screen resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels on a 15.6 inch screen size. It has good audio subsystem with strong amplifier, four bottom mounted speakers and Dolby Home Theater.

It comes with ports on the side, including the USB 2.0 ports, SD card slot, headset jack, HDMI, gigabit ethernet and Acer Converter Port. Buying the unit already includes the AC adapter, battery and user manual.

Product Specs

Unit Processor Type: Intel Core i5

Processor Speed 1600.0 MHz

Unit Display Size: 15.6 inches

Touchscreen: Yes

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels

Primary Graphics Chipset: Intel HD 4400

Drive: 500 GB Hard Disk Drive

Memory: 8.0 MB DDR3

Unit Weight: 4.9 pounds

Operating System: Windows 8 Home

Battery Life: 7 hours


The laptop is very thin and comes to the big screen at 15.6 inches. It has great battery life at 7 hours that gives you a long time to use your unit. It delivers fast performance just enough for a low cost budget. This is one affordable unit that you can buy in the market.


It only has lower resolution for a big screen display that delivers poor quality image and text. The keyboard design is not that great. It has no optical drive.

Product Score and Rating

The Aspire M5 review got a product score and a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. These are taken from 1083 customers that made the reviews. There are 481 of them that rate it with 5 stars, 199 rate it with 4 stars, 121 rate it with 3 stars, 111 rate it with 2 stars and 171 rate it with 1 star. Customers just love the performance it delivers, battery life and its overall performance. This is one highly recommendable machine for a low budget.


For those who are looking for a laptop with large touchscreen and quality performance, check out the Aspire M. This is a good choice for a price that is just right for low budget. This is one good product that delivers a good balance between price and performance only from Acer.




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