Nov 21, 2013
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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

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This is our first review post about any of the Apple products here at best value laptops, we usually cover other laptops companies but Apple is Apple rite? So let’s review the first Apple product on or website, Apple MacBook Air.

What’s good in Apple MacBook Air?

Great battery life, its battery is really awesome as compared to other Apple products. If you are a regular Apple user you might already know that Battery is something all of us need in our gadgets.


  • It’s slim, and sleek in design and you love holding this amazing product.
  • What’s bad in the product?
  • Its processing speed and power haven’t seen much improvement as compared to previous versions.
  • It’s too pricy and not everyone can afford it.

Whenever Apple is about to release a new product there are plenty of rumors flying around for months before official announcement.

The new 13-inch Mac Book Air we are reviewing, by outer looks you might notice it’s not much different from previous versions however, you will find some new things in its packing. This trendy machine comes with dual-core 1.3 GHZ Intel Core i5 processor with A 128 GB ssd drive with 4 GB RAM will cost you around £750 to £850 on
Is this Apple MacBook Air worth spending £750?

Should you buy the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air?

Buy Macbook AIr




If you are traveling very often Macbook Air is surely an excellent choice for you. It remains one of the lighter and skinniest laptops around in the market.
We have seen a huge boost in its battery life and you can use it for 14 hours and that`s what makes it an ideal and best value laptop for you.

There are no big changes in its design and it doesn`t come with retina display as well like its brother laptop MacBook Pro.

Its dimensions are as follows 325mm width and 227mm depth, It is made of aluminum.
Its keyboard and track pad are still like old design however keyboard is very comfortable and its glass track pad looks classy. Backlight on the keyboard makes the MacBook even more attractive

The disappointing thing about this model of MacBook Air is that it doesn’t include high resolution retina display. Offering resolution of 1440X900 pixels. Its display is still perfectly clear and good for everyday tasks. It is not HD but still its screen is clear.
The most improvement made in the model are in its performance the processor is replaced with latest Haswell model which saves battery life.
Haswell processor also comes with the latest Intel HD 5000 graphics processer. Its Wifi is also upgraded to 802.11 ac which will offer more stability and faster speed.

Buy Macbook AIr

Final Words

Apple MacBook Air

doesn’t look much different to its investors however its new processor and battery life makes it a must upgrade for performing the general tasks.

If you are always on the go Apple MacBook Air is definitely for you.



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