Sep 7, 2012
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Asus Vivo Tab Review

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The anxiety surrounding this gadget is almost palpable. Asus has taken the leap ahead of many manufacturers to introduce two tablets powered by the highly coveted Windows 8. If you have been waiting for a tablet that runs on the latest edition Windows platform, they hardly come any better than this. However, do not make the mistake of placing an order before reading through the following objective Asus Vivo Tab review.

The Asus Vivo Tab is expected to be a follow up to the already successful Asus Vivo Tab RT, which runs on a rather limited Window 8 version. It not only ships with a larger display but also boasts a more advanced processor that will support the most convoluted of Windows applications. Other than the operating system, the stylish finish is this gadget’s major first impression. There aren’t any indications regarding price at the moment, but this Asus Vivo Tab review has enough information to help you make an informed choice.


Asus Vivo Tab

One of the features that will strike you first is the optional keyboard dock that Asus added to this gadget. This dock comes with its own battery to help you use the device a long as you need. Needless to say, it will help you type faster than most tablets can manage. The silver brushed metallic effect will definitely turn heads wherever you carry the tablet and the wedge-shaped finish on the keyboard deck draws parallels with the celebrated MacBook Air, another hit in the UK market. The Asus Vivo Tab is 8.7 mm thick and weighs 675 g, making it less portable than its predecessor.

The display is wayyy bigger than most tablets, measuring an unmatched 11.6 inches diagonally. This is a little too much for a tablet and could in fact compromise the portability, but at least not the quality. With a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, you can be assured of great quality images and videos. The bright and colorful display matches up to some of the higher end tablets currently in the market.

Other than the display, the Asus Vivo Tab also features a number of exciting hardware features. While the Vivo Tab RT is powered by the Tegra 3 processor, Asus decided to introduce an Intel Atom processor on its successor. It is yet to be determined how much more powerful the latter could be, but it is tipped to make a meal of all the multitasking roles you could throw at it. To the back of the tablet is an 8 megapixel camera, while stylus enthusiasts will enjoy the Wacom support.

As stated previously, the Asus Vivo Tab is one of the few tablets that will be powered by Windows 8, headed into the next year. This will introduce a touch optimized start screen as well as a tile-centric look borrowed from the Windows Phone that powers Microsoft’s smartphones. Such a platform will no longer limit you to the apps on the Marketplace app shop. With such features revealed on this Asus Vivo Tab review, prospective buyers can only cross their fingers the prices are a bit favorable.



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