Sep 5, 2011
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Best Value Laptops Buying Tips

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Best Value Laptops Best value Laptops Buyers Guide

I get many emails from our visitors that they want more details on how to buy best value laptops so that made me realize that this topics needs more information to be posted so I came up with some more things and that are simple to understand for non-tech people .

Before I come to our main topic I would like to explain so things as I got an email a  reader of our blog

Best value Laptops team, before picking up a laptop we do test reviews and run tests on all the products which we post here .We recommend a product only if we found it useful for our readers we then categorize all the best value laptops according to their usage currently we only have laptops got gamers section AKA to ten gaming laptops we are also considering to add more sections very soon. Due to limited budget and resources of the blog at the moment we are not able to provide too much if but whatever information we do provide is according to best of our knowledge and experience. We are bringing we soon new sections including best value laptops for students as we discussed in previous articles and also best value laptops for office


So heres a few golden rules when buying a laptop!

Usage for best value laptops

What is your budget for best value laptops



  1. Usage for best value laptops


Again just like my previous posts same question again why you need a lap top what you will do with it, what is your best vale laptops usage. What are your requirements and are there any specific requirements? Do you need to work on any special software, will you use any software? Will you use best value laptop at home or at office or you want to use it at office?

2.What is your budget for best value laptops


You should decide before going out to buy best value laptops that how much money you are willing to pay for   laptops .are you willing to pay any amount or you are having fixed budget and with that what are your requirements .


Processor also referred as CPU is the main component of a computer if you read in your old school books they say it is brain of the computer. So if you buy a slow brain so definitely that person will be slow in all operations same is the case with a laptop with slow processor and that would definitely be not from best value laptops family.

But above statement will not apply for you if you are a ordinary house wife who just needs laptop to use email, chatting, Facebook, shopping and Facebook. If this is a case a simple laptop is ok for you no need to panic at all and spending your money on expensive machines.

Battery Life

No Compromise even if you are a ordinary house wife you should not compromise on battery art all those days are gone when high performance best value laptops had low battery life .


Here Ordinary house wife won’t need this feature as I know portable and small sized laptops are costly and  .For geeks and techno people it’s a feature they are always looking for so they can easily carry their best vale laptops where ever they want to  go .


Your laptop should be compatible with almost every modern hardware device which can be connected with the laptop and should be compatible with upcoming software and hardware’s also it should have tendency to accept all kind of windows operating systems.


Most important factor for which a house wife will look for is Durability how durable is laptop but for most of people they stop using their laptops after one year and for geeks and techno- lovers  time frame could be 6 months and for ordinary house wives  it could be 2-4 years



One of the most important things to remember is warranty you should also consider to look for option with three years warranty as that’s safer. As according to my experience a laptops life is not more than 3 years. From security point of view exclusive Operating systems like MAC OS is more safe then windows. But those exclusive OS are less compatible. Going with common OS you should always have antivirus installed on your best value laptop to avoid any security risks.


I have also created a simple question sheet which may help you to understand your requirements.

3. Best value laptops questionnaire

1.  Decide main purpose of your laptop

2.  How much you are ready to pay ?

3.  What size is best for you ?


4.  What brand you like most

5.  What about used laptops?

6.  What about your laptop mobility?

7.  Are you a gaming lover? If yes you like what type of games?

8.  How much battery time you are expecting?

9. What is your favorite Operating system?

10.  Do you like stylish laptops or you judge them by performance?

11.  For how long you want same laptop?

This is a bit of information which will help you to decide what kind of laptop you may buy for yourself you can create a more detailed questioner and then decides what type of laptop exactly you want . Let us know if you have any questions by mailing us at or by commenting on box below You can also review your best value laptops by clicking  here.



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