Sep 3, 2011
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Best value laptops for Gaming

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Gamers are always looking for best value laptops  machines with graphics closer to reality they are always in search of machines which enhance their game play. In which they look for graphics, Blasting audio. Now a day’s technology has turned gaming enjoyment more attractive and realistic now games like super Mario are no more in demand instead Grand theft auto and Call of duty has taken place which are much closer to reality then games from Super Mario era.

Best Value laptops

Best Value laptops for Gaming Budget

When you are looking for a gaming laptop then you should have budget ranging from £800 to   £ 2000. Gaming Hobby is a bit expensive if you can`t afford to pay for at least £800 better advise for you is to stick with your current console. Because most of latest games require buying high end laptop so if you got no budget for buying an expensive laptop just forget it and enjoy your game play on your present console.

There are many laptops specially designed for gamers. Click best value laptops for latest and high performance gaming laptops. These laptops which we have suggested are perfect in processing speed and they are faster in operation during our tests we test factors including whether a laptop is faster in processing or not, Overheating, Battery life time,  Graphics and many more test which test how much data load can a laptop bear .And best performing laptops are added into our best value laptops section .

Nowadays the most famous species of games is massively multiplayer online role-playing games. These are games in which 1000s of players play on different servers. So to MMORPGs you need a fast internet connection and now it’s very common as every house now is almost connected to the internet in UK.  So because of that you should buy a laptop which should already have all necessary hardware and software so you can easily download new maps update your games. Your laptop should also have a Wi-Fi modem .so when you are having some time and want to play some shots you can play game with ease anywhere at any place .  So where ever you go you can carry your power best value laptops and enjoy gaming even you are waiting for a bus at a bus station isn’t it good to enjoy your favorite game instead of waiting and getting bored for damn bus? And only best value laptops can provide you this facility. Now some people maybe argue why I should n`t get a PSP? My reason is simple it can`t give me that gaming experience because its screen is too small.
When you are going to buy best value laptops for sole purpose of gaming then you would look for built in webcam, or microphone or other accessories. Best value laptops for gaming purpose are always loaded with these all gears. However if you still want more like an external keyboard, external  mouse ,or an joystick then you can also buy external extra`s for  your best value laptops

Now best value laptops are powerful just like desktops and there is very  close gap left . The most powerful feature of  best value  laptops for gaming is their mobility you can easily take them anywhere you want without any difficulty where ever you want you can just open laptop switch it on and click trigger of your gun in the game  ( Not in reality ) . Now a much smaller and smart machine aka best value laptops for gaming can give you same gaming experience and quality , with same graphics ,sound and speed which a huge desktop machine can provide ,And here is the difference you can`t move your  titanic gaming desktop machine but with  smart ,small and portable best value laptops you can play games anywhere at any place of your choice . Just imagine about camping in some jungle area while playing call of duty won`t that be amazing?

So now let’s talk about what we should look for when we are going to buy new best value laptops. Absolutely you got it I will definitely look if lap top has screen, a mouse or a built in microphone so I can speak with my mates while playing game. Definitely not these things are always present it’s a standard when it comes to best value laptops for gamers.

So what do i look for while buying my best value laptops.

Audio and Video are the backbones of Gaming. I mean without a quality Video controller your gaming experience with will great and you cannot compromise on video cards specially. Do not compromise on best value laptops with Graphics   memory less than 1 GB.  Without a quality gaming card you won`t be able to enjoy effects in the game, I mean during playing Call of duty you an see fog and clouds clearly lighting also and your video card should be capable enough to pickup graphics of any game. I mean it should not be like your graphics card gets slow when you and your enemy in the game face each other. So that is very important and you should not compromise on quality over price for Video Cards I only recommend NVIDIA as they are the best. . Similarly sound effects are also very important so you should also have a powerful audio card built in your best value laptop.

Processors in best value laptops

For best value laptops stand processor are Intel® Quad Core and mainly common processing speed of today`s best value laptops is 2 GHz this should be your minimum processing speed .the most famous series for best value laptops  is Intel® core i7. and your ram should exceed 4GB more ram more better.


As a gamer you would definitely download wallpapers, gaming posters and you would also download many gaming guides in which you will learn some new tricks or if you are more techno you maybe try to make new mods or tweak game, if not then you will down load modes , cheats and other stuff from internet and that’s for sure . And you will also have loads of games in your gaming best value laptops so having a hard disk with large space in must at least it should have space or 400Gb currently I have 750GB in my laptop and still I need usb  flash drives to store my data .

When it comes to hard drive speed it’s very important factor also our recommended  best value laptops have hard disk  speed more than 7,200  RPMs as by our testing different gaming best value laptops we concluded that 7,200 RPMs is the standard and stable hard disk speed . Most of my fellow gamers use external drives. We do not recommend external drives (tough I use myself) but still if you have budget and you can go for it easily then you should go for an external drive also but best value laptops even work without external drives perfectly

Additional Features
So after going through Video / Audio ,Processing  , And storage Capabilities of the laptop  now there are other factors also which we should look for before we buy a best value laptop . In these features we could consider dimension , size , weight and display also , Size of the laptop doesn’t matter so much as it totally depends on taste of gamer how much big screen he wants screen range from 15 to 21+ on best value laptops . Another feature to consider is what Optical drive we are gonna have I think now it’s time for blue ray however it’s not necessary you can also have a DVD optical drive too . But here is main thing being a gamer your machine should be perfect.  A Powerful and fast machine will make you win games and it will for sure increase your efficiency.

1 year warranty
Ok so you are ready to spend £1500 on your best value what about if your best value laptop gives up with in some time? But here is good news for you all the brand new best value laptop  come with one year warranty. That’s why we highly recommend people to buy only brand new laptops only if you are going to buy a used laptop just keep few things in mind do you personally know seller ?(to make sure he is not selling you a faulted piece ) What if your laptop gives up after some time is there any warranty answer is most of times no .

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