Sep 1, 2011
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Best Value laptops 4 students

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With decreasing rates, buying a laptop for a student has become a very easy for many of those students who were not able to buy it before. These days a Laptop is much smaller and faster in processing and also good-looking as compared to old laptops. All in all, and they also happened to appear as most powerful and useful tool for students, which help them in their studies a lot. But here is a question a a person who never had any experience to buy a laptop will buy a best value laptops? Here are is a list of 10 points to keep in mind while you purchase your first laptop so you can get best value laptop in very affordable rate .

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10 steps to buy best value laptops

1. Before setting out to buy a laptop first thing is you should be clear about your requirements. First you need to do your requirement or need analysis. What are your major requirements are you going to use laptop in your classroom? What are your software requirements, what software’s you are going to use on laptop. What about your hardware requirements what kind of hardware you are going to connect or use with the laptop? Can you use your lap top to make notes, what about internet are you needing internet connection in classroom? What kind of internet connection is available in your campus .and how will you connect to your college / university internet? These are some basics which you should be clear in your mind before setting out to buy best value laptops.

Need Analysis before buying best value laptops

2. Based on information gathered through step one now you should compile up all information and make a requirement list like what qualities you need in your laptop what software’s it should run , what kind of modem it should have and what should be its operating system ,what should be its processing speed and very important point battery timing combining all these details now you can match all your information with specifications of a laptop to get to know is it one of your best value laptops .

Other Important Points Before Buying Best Value Laptops

3. When you buy your best value laptop you should make it sure that you are buying it from a proper vendor e.g. Amazon and you get warranty with the product so you should have no trouble in service of the product in case it is required , It is much safer than buying from a second hand local shop with no warranty .

4. Body strength: Best value laptops are always physically hard so they get no damage once if then fell down or they are hit by anything, being a student it’s very important to buy a laptop with strong body as most of students are in bad habit of throwing their laptops just like books.

5. Software: You should check software compatibility for your favorite software’s with the laptop to avoid any kind of disappointment after purchase, so be careful and check software compatibility of the best value laptop before making purchase.

6. Convenience: It should be comfortable for you in use and you can use it anywhere and anytime you want it easily

7. Internet Connections: As now internet is most important source for a student so internet should be easily available to you as these days most campuses have Wi-Fi internet connections so make sure your best value laptops have Wi-Fi modem with them.

8. Apart from internet connectivity there are some more things you would need in your laptop, A printer port for connecting with printers. USB port for flash drives a built in camera, microphone, Latest windows, and HD port to connect your laptop with tv screen to use tv as your display monitor.

9. Technical specifications for your laptop: your best value laptops should have sufficient disk storage to store data, Sufficient RAM with medium processor to do any kind of task. And most important thing is it should consume less battery power and its battery should last after at least 5 hours. This is most important factor should definitely look for as being a student you will be need a laptop with good battery timing.

10. Pricing: at last mainly all companies these days give special concession and discount to students. So you should always take benefit of being a student and grab deal for best value laptops. Are you looking to buy a new laptop? Check out best value laptops where we provide you information about latest and best value laptops which you should love to choose.



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