Sep 9, 2011
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Best value laptops Review | Toshiba Satellite C660-23M 15.6 inch Notebook

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Best Value Laptops Review:

Toshiba Satellite C660-23M 15.6 inch Notebook

Selecting the right laptop is always a difficult but buying a laptop recommended by best value laptops means that the specific laptop is a top performer and would not let you down. If you have chosen Satellite C660-23M 15.6 inch Notebook for yourself, definitely this machine will not let you down, even for a while. The 15.6 inch HD screen offers a great visual interaction. Its Intel i3 dual-core processor makes multitasking and smooth running makes it one of the highly recommended best value laptops. If you are looking for a laptop with a

  • Multi tasking friendly
  • HD display screen
  • And a machine with variety of ports

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Best Value Laptops

the Toshiba Satellite C660-23M 15.6 inch Notebook is best suitable laptop for you and best value laptops highly recommend you to try this awesome machine.

Best value laptops pros & Cons


  • Variety of posts that makes it possible to meet all your mobile computing needs
  • Moderate Battery timing, Ensures when you are away from electrical sockets you can still complete your work.
  • It has a large Internal Hard drive so you don`t need any extra hard drive.
  • Best for Multi tasking.
  • Smooth in running.
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Very Light Machine
  • Extremely good spec for the price


  • Only two USB slots on left side however USB port adaptors can be bought very cheaply.
  • Some people may not like 15.6 Inch Screen.
  • Small speakers, probably you can`t hear in places where there is too much noise perhaps you can buy a pair of headphones if you like. You can`t expect a pair of built in woofers in laptop (just kidding).

Best Value Laptops Looks

The Toshiba Satellite C660-23M looks same like other laptops in satellite family. Same C660-23M is used as other laptops from satellite family. Its design is standard with round corners making it perfect for home and office use. It is a perfect machine for home and office use as it can handle any type of load very easily due to its great specifications.

Best value laptops Visuals

No doubt Toshiba is winner in providing high quality visuals in its many products including its satellite series .This crystal clear notebook offers a standard film image 16:9 Aspect ratio with its internal resolution of 1,366×768, With The LED back lighting of 15.6 inch display it can easily handle videos, surfing on internet and standard software needs for most of users.

Best Value Laptops Speakers

Toshiba Satellite C660-23M includes stereo speakers with fair sound quality , the quality its family is known to produce however in places where there is too much noise using pair of headphones is most suitable option as in too much noise it`s speakers you meet your needs , its speakers can be found at the top of the keyboard . And for best for people who like sound who like sound from less distance . The speakers are multi dimensional but they are designed to meet your computing needs if you like hearing music while computing  it also have a port for head phones . But during normal working on notebook you can still have normal sound level for music and videos.

Ports and Features


Toshiba Satellite C660-23M comes with two standards USB and an Ethernet cable port for connecting it with peripheral devices. It provides you facility to connect external headphones, microphone and external monitor if you are at home and at office and are not comfortable with its small screen just plug in external monitor and start enjoying huge display with amazing machine when it comes to performance and graphics. If you are looking for  best value laptops  with SD Card slot so you have no need to but a SD card reader this machine is just for you as it also contains an integrated SD Card reading slot . IT doesn`t come with loads of annoying ports , Keeping needs of a normal buyer Toshiba has only loaded this machine with standard ports only and with that a Double layered DVD Multi-Drive is a plus . If You love to write DVD`s this machine is highly recommended for you by best value laptops as it won`t die while writing a DVD as most of laptops give up and you can`t do another task while writing of formatting a DVD because of slow processing but this powerful mini machine will make sure your multi tasking needs are meet while writing a DVD .

Key board and touch board

When it comes to responsive touch pad Feature best values laptops recommended Toshiba Satellite C660-23M Is a winner. Its highly responsive touch pad and a sleek designed keyboard make a user very comfortable while typing and scrolling around. its also two figure scrolling  allowing you to scroll with two figures you can pinch, Flip and rotate


With processor Intel i3 -370M dual core quadruple threaded processor it can accommodate any type of computing needs. Its CPU Clock speed is 2.40 GHZ means its computing speed is same as other Members of its family using same processor.  This best value laptops recommended notebook comes with 6GB of DDR3 SDRAM which makes its computing reliable and fast. With 640GB hard disk space and Intel i3 Core it is a monster machine which can support any large program very easily which require large disk space and large RAM /.

Battery Life

Best value laptops recommended Toshiba Satellite C660-23M  uses   lithium-ion battery , its maximum battery life you can expect is 5 hours . the energy consumption is balanced by improved its  processor and efficiency of its RAM

Heat and Noise

Best value laptops recommended Toshiba Satellite C660-23M works between temperatures between 41 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Good thing is this machine works below human body temperature so you can not feel any heat which is a great quality if this bet vale laptops recommended machine.

Best value laptops recommended Toshiba Satellite C660-23M works very silently only except when DVD drive is in operation. This machine is silent when it is working.

Who can use it?

It is a great mobile-computing solution for students, office workers ,business men and also geeks as this meets most of their high specs requirements and is a monster when comes to Hard disk , ram and Processor .

You can buy Toshiba Satellite C660-23M or read more about it on best value laptops top ten list

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