Aug 29, 2015
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Building a Gaming PC for a Budget of £603.21

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With the Windows 10 operating system, the major update has brought a lot of improvements to its predecessor the Windows 8. It comes with all new apps and interface that changes every time the Start islaunched. This is one of the operating system for desktop that supports DirectX 11.2. If you are a game PC fanatic, you would probably switch to this all new Windows 10. So how can you have your own PC running on Windows 10 for a budget of £603.21?

Here’s your guide in picking the parts that would complete your PC for your gaming and other forms of entertainment. This would definitely suit your budget for only £603.21.

You would start in picking the parts of your PC. You would be budgeted for the copy of your operating system of Windows 8 that can later be upgraded to Windows 10 for free. This would probably cost you £78.42. This leaves you to look for hardware parts that will only cost you around £500.00.

If you are assembling a gaming PC, you need to have a serious decision in picking the parts that would not cost you a lot of money. First step is to look for a graphics card that can handle the most advanced PC games these days at a frame rate of 1080p resolution. You can take advantage of the newest processor, the Intel Core i5 that you can buy at some online retailers for £144.77. You can pare the Intel Core i5 with an Intel Z87 Express motherboard with dual channel memory kit for only £69.37. This is one of the most affordable motherboards in the market.

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For your memory you can try the 8GB dual channelDDR3 for only £39.21. This already supports a memory speed of up to 16000MHz. Finally the rest of the budget will be looking for storage drive, case and power supply. Check out the EVGA GeForce GTX 760 with ACX cooling that will only cost you £150.80. You would have no problem with overheating because this has powerful cooling system. For SSD the ScanDisk Extreme II 120 GB SSD is a good choice which will only cost you £57.30. Then add it with a 7200 RPM drive from Western Digital 500GB Caviar Blue for only £33.18. For power supply you can buy a built-in power supply unit (PSU) which only cost you £ 33.17. There you have it, youhave finally assembled your own PC just perfect for games and other forms of entertainment.

Isn’t it amazing to assemble your own gaming PC powered with the latest Windows 10 operating system at a budget of £603.21. Try these options above and look for something that is already fast, affordable and durable. Just be keen in choosing the right parts that will be compatible with your other components. You will already have the best gaming experience that is definitely worth your budget. You do not need to spend too much we you can assemble your own PC.



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