Buying Best value laptops

How to buy Best value laptops

best value laptopsEveryone who is going to buy a new laptop has one question: “Which laptop should I buy?”The answer you would get from your favorite laptop review website Best Value Laptops, Where we provide you information and reviews about Best Value Laptops out there in the market. We provide you information about laptops you can invest your money on them without any hesitation. Before we recommend you any machine our techno experts and our volunteer visitors/ members of our blog do test these devices themselves from every expect starting from performance to looks and boobs and bars of laptops. Unfortunately, finding a rite laptop according to your specific needs is a big problem for some people. Especially when you are going to buy laptop for first time or if you are an ordinary house wife looking to buy laptop to learn cooking recopies from internet. Or you could be a college dude looking for a laptop to just connect with your friends on Facebook and to watch videos on YouTube. For such kind of folks you don`t need a £1000 value laptop for you a 200 to 300 £ value laptop is best. Because you don`t have any special needs. where as we have some dude`s who love gaming and their need will be a monster gaming machine. Which can run all types of latest games, or you could be a professional who has to do internet related stuff, or you could be a business man looking for a laptop you can use everywhere for business purposes in short. ,when it comes to buying a laptop everyone has his specific needs and also specific budget , and for everyone main point is to find out best suitable and Best Value Laptops and that’s what we do for you here .

When you are buying a laptop consider these important points before making any purchase.

1. processing speed 2. RAM , 3.Disk Space & 4. Laptop Warranty. These are the basic that you should always look in detail for, whilst selecting a laptop.

The Cost Factor while buying Best Value Laptops

Just like everyone has his specific needs, similarly everyone has his different range of budget. And price of a laptop totally depends on your needs. For basic usage for example surfing websites, watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, and using word editing you don`t need a ghost machine or in simple words you have no need to buy very expensive laptop a laptop with basic and standard features will be good for you and you can easily find it in range of 200 to 300£ Best Value Laptops.

Here is recommended range of specifications for a home user.

Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz

Integrated Graphic Card: Optional


Hard Disk Space: 160GB – 250GB

Best value laptops For Office Users

If you are using laptop for office usage where you have need to run different software’s, Power point presentations, Internet communication for business purposes and in some cases for purpose of multimedia if you are a blog owner like me then your needs are totally different , You need a reliable and fast machine to keep things in working . You should always look for a laptop with good battery timing, good processing speed and graphics card built in of course. Here are our recommended specifications for an average Office user . this type comes in range from £300 to 700£ .

Processor Speed (at least medium): 2.2 GHz or More

Integrated Graphic Card: 256MB


Hard Disk Space 250GB – 320GB

Battery Life Time: 5 hours

Best value laptops For Advance Users

Now let’s talks about group which I call them machine freaks (I am one of them). For such users they need a very fast response from their laptops (I really get annoyed when I am on a slow machine when its speed dies) such users do use laptops for more than one purpose in simple words they do love to do multitasking and hence they require a very powerful and in price what we call it Best Value Laptops. Such user`s are mainly software developers, Designers and Internet marketers and how can we forget gamers. And prices of such laptops are also high as requirements are mainly such laptops range from £700 to £2000. For such users average go for

High Speed Processing: 2.4 GHz or More

Dedicated Graphic Card: 512MB or More

RAM: More than 3GB or More

Large Disk Space to store data: 500GB or More

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