Sep 3, 2011
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buying guide for Best Value laptops for students

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Buying laptop as a student can be sometimes headache many of people get confused about their requirements I get many email in which most of people are asking what type of laptop is suitable for me so today I decided to write about best value laptops for students, what are the best laptop a student can invest on .In colleges and universities you no doubt have facility of computer labs but that cannot meet all your requirements like a laptop does.

best value laptopsWhen it comes to buying a laptop not everyone is techno, some people do use laptop daily, do use internet daily but even they don’t know about its internal parts or about hardware of computer. In simple words I mean every person is different from other so that does n`t mean it’s bad if you don`t know anything about computers etc. By the way I think in this category girls come most any ways leave girls and let’s start buying a laptop for your college. Also remember we are going to buy best value laptops which means cheaper in price and perfect in performance.

So you will ask quickly what brand s are available so you’re your information there are endless brands including Acer, Toshiba, Sony (Vaio), Lenovo, Apple and Hewlett Packard lots of other brands


Things to keep in mind while buying Best value laptops for students


OK so here are some things which you need to keep in mind before hunting for  best value  laptops for students

  • Budget , How Much money you can spend on buying a laptop
  • What is Size and weight of the laptop  vs what is the price of the laptop
  • What’s brand of the notebook  vs is this model quality product or it’s a flopped product
  • Are you buying a New notebook vs  or it’s a used notebook
  • Warranty does it comes with warranty or not
  • What are its specifications


Best Value laptops for students recommended sizes

Size of a laptop is a most important factor when it comes to buying a laptop for educational needs .As a student you will have to keep your laptop when you go to your college or university and if you are carrying a heavy machine that will be really uncomfortable for you to carry. So size is a must thing to consider if you are a student carrying a laptop with weight 64 can be very uncomfortable and annoying. One more thing you should consider is that with increase in price size decreases I mean for a smaller laptop you will have to pay big .well I don’t really understand for small thing they should take small price but L that’s bad anyways. So here is  recommended size for students

Here are tips for you to get your Best Value laptops

  • 14″ to 16″ this screen size is suitable for a student and you should go for best value laptops weight from 30bs to 5 lbs.
  • If you want to go for less than 12″  they will weigh less than 2lbs  but way too small for a college ,university student as they are just used for people who like to keep an eye on their  emails during travel
  • Laptops more than 16″  screen are for gaming geeks and they are more than  7lbs  so buying such a laptop is a mistake and it will not be one of the  best value laptops .


Best value laptops with warranty

A laptop could not be classified into a best value laptop until it provides warranty. Warranty is very important and that’s the main reason you should buy only a brand new laptop in as if in any case there is a fault in your laptop it can be replaced easily. Now let’s come to laptop life according to my experience its maximum age is three years. After that it’s old and slow machines   just a piece of junk on your table.

Cost of best value laptops for students

AS I have discussed before most suitable range for a student is 14″ to 16″ screen laptop with as low weight as possible considering usage of laptop for  students  , your software usage what kind of software’s you need what are your hardware requirements ,do you need a  built in cam or not your laptop (now almost comes with every laptop) above it should  have  built in Wi-Fi modem so you can easily connect to internet anywhere at any place that’s very important for a student and you must have hard disk with large memory space considering all these features and specially size it makes you to spend almost £500 to £700 easily .

Brand new or second hand

Definitely brand new it has many reasons but very first reason is why to buy a laptop which someone else has already used that doesn`t make it best value laptops. Other reasons are your brand new laptop comes with one year standard warranty. If you experience any kind of problem just call the vendor and they will replace your laptop for you, on other hand if you buy a used laptop and there is some fault in it for example its having any display problem or any other fault you have just wasted your money.

Brand And quality

Now laptops are not as much expensive as before and due to high competition all major players like Dell, Sony, Acer, HP, and Apple etc try to provide you best value laptops  which are best in performance and affordable in price .

Main players in industry which are considered as best quality providers are :

  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Acer

Lenovo Think pad series is best for students .And they are also giving special discount on Amazon so that will be  a really awesome opportunity for you to get one laptop at cheap price I mean at 10% discount isn`t it amazing ?

Dell is another major player in laptop industry their products are also amazing and we are adding their products in our best value laptops list very soon may be when you are reading this article they are already added.

HP is another big giant in laptop industry and they are also providing best quality best value laptops .Their laptops are used all over the world which shows world trust their product.

Apple(Mac Book), Toshiba Acer , Sony, Dell, HP Lenovo are the best quality best value laptops providers . You can defiantly trust their product without any hesitation

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