Dec 13, 2011
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Dell Alien ware M-17X laptop Review

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The DELL Alien ware M-17x

Dell Alien ware M-17X
This is a gaming notebook that has lots of features to offer, its stealthy and futuristic design makes it stay on the top of all gaming laptops in the market. Its aluminum framework and customizable back light system is remarkable. The DELL Alien ware M17X is packed with dual Nvidia video cards, an Intel processor and 8GB of RAM.

Dell Alien ware M-17X Product Specifications:


  • 17-inch WUXGA display
  • Space Black framework
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor
  • Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M 1GB
  • Switchable to integrated Nvidia GeForce 9400M 256MB graphics card
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1TB RAID hard drive array
  • Slot-load Blu-ray reader
  • Customizable Alien FX lighting system
  • 9-cell battery


Dell Alien ware M-17X Market Price:


DELL Inspiron 17R laptop


            The DELL Alien ware M17X is a living manifestation of Alien ware genius ideas to promote extreme computing and gaming experience. Thus, the M17X is a proof of Alien ware continuing crusade to better and more sophisticated gaming experience. The look and feel of the M17X is remarkable; it gives you the feeling like no other gaming laptop can; a feeling that makes you unique and extraordinary. The M17X is built with the finest and the hardest aluminum and it is available in three different colors. The sides and the back lids have a flat anodized aluminum surface finish while the palm rest has a dry aluminum finish. The aluminum ingredient of this laptop makes most its weight. This makes the heaviest laptop in the market.





Other extraordinary features of M17X is its customizable LED lighting system also called AlienFX. In this feature, you can select 10 different lighting zones that include the light for keyboard, touch pad, audio speakers and its own Alien ware logo. The keyboard has different lighting zones and users have the ability to create different lighting zones for each occasion. The Alien ware Company is proposing to integrate Alien FX to games, making the light represents important functions in the game like health, ammo, armor etc. Alien FX keys can be found in the keyboard.


Its hardware feature is the best of them all; the laptop includes an Intel Extreme processor and an overpowering RAM of 8GB. This will provide a fast and very smooth flow of process inside the M17X laptop. For the graphics card, it has a dual Nvidia graphics card. This alone will power most heavy games in the market today. This will leave no problems in heavy gaming, heavy multitasking and other lots of workloads that you might want to give to the M17X


The battery life is not that great. Since it is a gaming laptop, some of its settings may consume a lot of its battery life. The battery will last for 2 hours if it is in full configuration and it is full of processes. For normal usage, the laptop will last for more than 5 hours of continuous usage.



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