Dec 22, 2011
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DELL Inspiron 110 LapTop Review

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The DELL Inspiron 110

This laptop is the answer for your need of a cheaper laptop without compromising its speed and functionalities. It is one of DELL’s wide ranges of cheap laptops with satisfying performances. The Inspiron 1100 is a Celeron powered laptop, this kind of system gives some of the quickest computing performances and longer battery life among the rivals of DELL in terms of low budget laptops. of course, you cannot expect all from this laptop but it can rival other cheap laptops in the market when it comes to multiprocessing and quick computing.


DELL Inspiron 110 Product Specifications


  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • 11.6″ HD Widescreen
  • Intel® CeleronTM 743 1.3GHz CPU
  • 250GB Hard Drive, 2GB DDR2 Memory
  • Built in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g,
  • Battery gives 6 hours mains free operation


DELL Inspiron 110 Market Price:



DELL Inspiron 110





The DELL Inspiron 1100 is built with a light-gray framework; the look and feel of this laptop is based on modernity. This design is built to create a new face of Inspiron to the masses. The futuristic design of DELL Inspiron 1100 is appropriate for users who are seeking attractive yet cheap laptops.


The DELL Inspiron 1100 laptop comes with a 56K modem, a buit in 100Mbps Ethernet, 2 USB 2.0 ports and an internal DVD/CD ROM drive for multimedia playback. This laptop weighs 7.6 pounds and this maybe a big problem if you want to bring this laptop for travel purposes. If you are to bring this to trip or something, the DELL Inspiron 1100 comes with a lithium ion battery that will last for about 6 hours of continuous usage. The lack in rewritable optical drive feature in this laptop ultimately pulling the 1100’s reputation in terms of multimedia processing, though the laptop is bundled with pre installed multimedia software such as MusicMatch, Jukebox and image software. The MusicMatch Jukebox will give you the ability to rip a song from a music CD but rather a slow process to begin with. The speakers are to be found below the palm rest. This prevents the speakers to give a quality sound. The places of the USB ports are good but its FireWire is not included in this laptop.


If you want a laptop that suits your browsing and emailing needs then this is the best choice for you, considering its cheap price, this laptop is great for budget conscious individuals.





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