Nov 14, 2011
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DELL XPS 15(L501x) Laptop Review

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DELL XPSThe DELL XPS 15 is a laptop that can compete with the Apple Macbook Pro in terms of performance and quality. The XPS 15 has 15.6 inches of Full HD screen display, an Intel Core i7 and a 640GB HDD. The XPS 15 is not as attractive as the Apple Macbooks but it is more budget wise and much more powerful.


DELL XPS Product Overview:

DELL XPS Specifications:

ü  15.6 inch HD display

ü  NVIDIA GeForce® GT435M 2048 MB Graphics Card

ü  Intel Core i7 processor


ü  640GB HDD

ü  16x DVD+/-RW

ü  Integrated Gigabit Ethernet

ü  Bluetooth 3.0

ü  Intel Centrino Advance WiMAX 6250

ü  2.0 MP Camera

ü  Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

ü  6 Cell Battery: up to 5 hours


DELL XPS Market Price:





The new DELL XPS 15 is packed with a lot of features, with its superb simple design and top class performance level. This laptop has a lot to offer like its framework; it’s a mix of straight edges and curves and its solid build up. The XPS 15 is not as attractive as the Apple Macbook but it has features in which you could say that this laptop is worth a penny. The XPS 15 has a customizable lid; it can be customised with over 100 designs. The XPS 15’s audio and internal stereo, they are not the best audio so far but they produce a good, loud and quality sound ever produced in any laptop. Its treble and adjustments for bass makes the XPS 15 good for audio and video playback.





The XPS 15 is powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processor, a large storage of 640GB which is a lot faster than any hard disk in the market and 4GB DDR3 RAM; this memory is big enough to cater most of your gaming and multimedia needs. The NVIDIA GeForce graphics card can supply good graphics and faster gaming experience. This NVIDIA graphics cards holds the clarity and the good resolution of the screen display. The XPS 15 has WiFi enabled hardware, a couple of USB 3.0 ports and a Bluetooth 3.0.

For the battery section, the XPS 15 can withstand hours of heavy workloads. It can last longer than any 15 inch laptops out there, with the WiFi turned on, an ongoing movie in the movie player and the screen resolution set to full brightness. The tasks just ate an hour of the battery life of XPS 15 which only shows how long lasting its battery are. If you want more long lasting battery you can upgrade it to 9 cell battery, it is more bulkier but it has more hours to stay than of the 6 cell Battery.

For an overall conclusion, the XPS 15 is not attractive and if you want to have a good looking laptop then the XPS 15 is not for you. But one good thing about this laptop is the price. The XPS 15 is a cheaper. Cheaper enough without sacrificing its top class peripherals and performance level.
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