Nov 20, 2011
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DELL XPS 15z laptop review

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DELL XPS 15z laptop review


DELL XPS 15z laptop

Despite of its Apple Macbook like design, the DELL XPS 15z still emerges as a sturdy and high class laptop. With its top class hardware and performance, it is rather considered as an alternative for people who wants a macbook but never got the budget to buy one. The specifications of this laptop can compete with the Apple Macbook.


DELL XPS 15z laptop Product Overview:


ü  15.6 inch HD display

ü  nVidia GeForce GT 525M

ü  Intel Core i5-2410M

ü  6 GB

ü  500 GB


ü  Integrated Gigabit Ethernet

ü  WiFi 802.11n

ü  2.0 MP Camera

ü  Windows 7 Home Premium


DELL XPS 15z laptop Market Price:




The DELL XPS 15z is not the exact clone of the Apple Macbook, although its framework finish might imply otherwise. The XPS 15z has a bit of lip design in its back and black feet, which will be the XPS 15z’s shock absorber. The XPS 15z though stands taller than 15 inch Macbook Pro.

The DELL XPS 15z has a very clear resolution; a 1920 x 1080 of HD screen display. The XPS 15z keyboard is a beautifully crafted island style keyboard that promises a nice typing experience. The keyboard has also an ambient sensor that detects light and adjusts the backlights according to what kind of light exposure there is. For the touchpad, the XPS 15z has the most responsive touchpad and roomy.

The XPS 15z has a lot to offer when it comes to features. First, is the three USB Ports that support any advanced technologies out there, two are USB 3.0, and others are eSATA as well as 2.0 USB ports. The XPS 15z supports dual monitor both HDMI and Mini DisplayPort.  The camera doesn’t shoot that well including its video feature. The XPS 15z DVD writer and burner is remarkable but the support for blu-ray is still not available. The 500HDD is not bad for a storage device, but it is enough to store all important datas you want to keep. The speakers are located on the otherside of the keyboard and they face upwards so that the sound will be much louder and clearer. The XPS 15z speakers are far more superior to the Apple Macbook Pro uses but it really lacks the subwoofer feature. The DELL XPS 15z is powered by a dual core processor and a 6GB RAM; enough to cater most of the multimedia needs of a user. The XPS 15z can supply the needed power for using applications that renders graphics and multimedia and the laptop is good from video to photo.

The XPS 15z is a good laptop for users who want to buy cheap desktop replacement. In which you can still experience high performance level, faster graphics rendering and high quality screen display. With this laptop, you can never go wrong with it.
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