Nov 26, 2011
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DELL XPS L702x Laptop Review

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The DELL XPS L720x is the latest laptop that uses the second generation of Intel Sandy Bridge chipset. Its aluminium finishing is remarkable and it can go head to head competition with the Apple Macbooks. The aluminium finishes are also found on the top lid and the bezel at the keyboard part. The DELL XPS L720x is a well engineered laptop with high class quality.


DELL XPS L702x laptop Overview:

DELL XPS L702x Specifications:

ü  Intel Sandy Bridge

ü  17 inch screen display

ü  nVidia GeForce GT555M with 3D

ü  8 GB

ü  1 TB HDD


ü  Integrated Gigabit Ethernet

ü  WiFi 802.11n dual band/ Gigabit Ethernet

ü  2.0 MP Camera

ü  Windows 7 Home Edition


DELL XPS L702x Laptop Market Price:


DELL XPS L702x laptop


The L720x is built for heavy purposes and this laptop does not get too hot easily through normal usage. The laptop is installed with different heat ventilations from side to bottom. The L720x is using a wide backlit chiclet keyboard with an additional numeric keypad. This laptop is far more different from any other Dell laptops out there because this laptop is accurate if you are into touch typing tasks. This laptop has a small top row which includes the ESC keys and Delete keys. This feature is kind of disappointing because the top row is small.

The buttons on the trackpad are separed rather than installed alongside with the trackpad. This keeps the L720x a very usable laptop without letting the clients learn how to use the new trackpad and its keyboard. The function keys are kept with their regular functions but if you want to change it, there is this DELL mobility control panel that will help you change the functions. At the top of the keyboard lies the three buttons for easy application access.


The L720x audio power is amazing, it has a louder and clearer bass than any other laptop and it has a richer tone too. The JBL is responsible for creating the well-built speaker design and MaxxAudio is responsible for processing the quality sound that is coming out of the laptop’s speaker. For the L720x’s display system is powered by NVIDIA chipset with 3D functionalities. The video graphics can handle heavy multimedia tasks.

Its battery can last up to two hours if you will use it heavily on multimedia tasking, networking purposes and alike but if you will watch a DVD it can last up to 4 hours of usage with the WiFi feature still running. This is a standard battery life for most laptops that uses Sandy-Bridge chipsets.

For the verdict, this laptop is good for users who want to experience a new way of computing through high quality and high end specifications. The laptop is also good for home-owners who are into multimedia exposures. If you want an alternative for an Apple Macbook Pro, you can buy the DELL L720x laptop.


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