Sep 30, 2011
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Features that set Symbian Belle apart from previous operating systems

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You might be familiar with the recent update of Nokia Symbian Belle, and even if you don’t know about it, just hog on to get this operating system in your smart phones because it contains killing features that set them apart from other operating systems. Symbian Belle is a latest update of the Nokia for its Symbian^3 platform. Its main focus is on improving user interface and providing latest and unique features. Symbian Belle is available at the new smart phones being launched by the Nokia like Nokia 600, 700 and 701 and is also available on many other mobile phones like X7, E7, E6, N8 and C6-01. Symbian Belle allows doing every thing on your mobile with only 3 clicks by placing all the applications at a single place. In short, it has made navigation much more flexible and easier than ever. Some of the unique features of Symbian Belle are: 1) Multiple main screens: Symbian belle supports up to 6 home screens and you can decorate as many as you want with multiple differently sized live widgets. You can enjoy everything in your mobile quite close to your hand by choosing the right home screen of your choice. 2) Resizable and live widgets: Widgets have been improved and they are now available in 5 different sizes. The widgets like clock, favourite contacts, music player and calendar are all live and have been rearranged to give you flexibility and interactivity. 3) Thinner and better status bar: Icons of the status bar are redesigned and has made quite thinner to give it a modern sleek look. It contains a drop down notifications tab that shows incoming messages and missed calls. You can say notifications contain switches tray and toggle notifications. 4) Customizable and informative lock screen: Lock screen now provides information about missed calls, emails and messages. Moreover, it allows you to add customizable wall paper on the screen of your phone. In this way, it allows you to check your complete mobile at a single look. 5) Integrated NFC: NFC is integrated very deep in Symbian operating systems and it allows you to tap and share videos and images and connect with the accessories. NFC functionality also allows you to pair Bluetooth and access read tags. 6) Updated application suits: Symbian Belle incorporates modern and improved application suits like share point, One Note, Exchange ActiveSync support and Microsoft Lync. Previously these enterprise application suits were not so advanced and updated. 7) Updated visual multitasking: To make the best use of the available screen of the Smartphone, Symbian Belle provides improved video multitasking which allows users to use large images of the opened applications. This allows you quick access to application at a glance. Author Bio: Susan is a professional writer having many years experience in wholesale business and B2B marketing. She writes frequently on the topics related to Computer hardware & software, distributors, wholesalers and trade suppliers.



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