Sep 20, 2011
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How To Clean your best value laptops

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best way to clean best value laptops

In Today’s best value laptops article I am going to answer a question by one of our blog reader mike regarding cleaning best value laptop .

His question was

“Hey , Hope you are doing well will really appreciate if you can also write about cleaning of laptops. “

So let’s get started with

How to clean your best value laptops?

Cleaning, and opening a best value laptop isn`t that much easy as cleaning a desktop computer.  Because laptop is smaller in size so you need to take extra care of it while opening and cleaning its different parts.

Before you start cleaning your best value laptop you need to turn it off and unplug it from sockets.  And also remove laptop`s battery.

Cleaning your best value laptops Case

To make your laptop look fresh and new you need to clean up its exterior on regular basis. Use a piece of cotton cloth damped in water to clean casing of the best value laptops. Be careful while cleaning your laptop and does not use wet cloth just dump it in water. Also avoid to clean your best value laptops with house hold solutions. Hoe ever you can use alcohol to clean casing of your laptop specially if there is something on your best value laptop  which can`t be cleaned with simple water .

How to clean Case openings of  best value laptops ?


If you get dust or other substances like dirt hair in the case openings, It can prevent air from getting into laptop and also it prevent hot air to go out of the laptop. And in result it will laptop to heat up and sometimes result in random re-boots.

To clean openings look in your laptop for openings from where laptop draws in cool air from outside and also look for openings from where it blows out very hot air. These openings are usually on sides, back or present at the bottom of the best value laptops. To remove dust or dirt, hairs etc you can use cotton swab or its better to use compressed air .

Important:   While using compressed air to clean the openings which have thin fans in them, be extra careful while you blow air on fans. Massive amount of blown air can cause them damage the fan. To avoid this place something between the fan blades so then can`t move or over spin you can use tooth pick or any other suitable thing.

How to clean keyboard of best value laptops ?

Unlike keyboard of desktops keyboard on best value laptops are also sensitive and you cannot remove your keys completely. So do not try to remove keys from keyboard. So use same damp cloth to clean keyboard you used to clean exterior of the laptop casing you can also use compressed air to spray dust and other dirt sucked between keys.

If you have spilt something like coke or soda etc that’s causing keys to stick with surface its something with which cleaning doesn`t helps with  it is better to get it repaired and  avoid eating and specially drinking when you are working on laptop.

Cleaning best value laptops touchPad.

Keeping the touch pad clean of your best value laptops will make it look cleaner and also it will work efficiently. You may clean touchpad with damp cloth or you can use alcohol also.

Cleaning display screen of best value laptops

You can use damp cloth to clean LCD of the best value laptops or better use alcohol to make your screen look nice.

If you need more information regarding cleaning your best value laptops feel free to leave comment below or contact best value laptops team



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