Oct 20, 2011
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How to Clean your laptop

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If you are an internet addict like me or you are a professional whose work is related to internet, and your best value laptop is the most important part of your life, you should be very careful while using your best value laptop.  If you are a geek like me has a bad habit of eating while using best value laptop, You should be extra careful about health problems which may caused because of this bad habit . It could turn into a biggest source of germs for you if you do not take proper care of keeping your laptop clean specially keyboard, it can be dangerous if lots of dirt and dust gets accumulated into your keyboard. We should keep our machine clean; it is more than an expensive electronic product.  A clean laptop gives you a pleasant feeling and you really enjoy your computing experience.  For example I myself enjoy my work while my laptop is clean and I also feel fresh and work with more concentration while my laptop is clean on other hand, when my laptop is full of dust, I literally feel lazy and find work boring, As a result you have to wait longer for my new blog post, Any ways in today’s post I am going to give you some tips to keep your laptop clean, which not only keep you healthy but also your beloved laptop will last longer.

Tips to keep your laptop clean.

1. Precautions: I have written a list of precautions which you should take care of while cleaning your laptop:

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  • I have mentioned this in my previous posts too that always unplug your laptops before cleaning them.
  • Using compressed air to blow dust in keyboard is the best way to make cleanup your keyboard circuit.
  • To keep clean keys use damp cloth..
  • Get lap [top cleaning products from any electric store or you can use solution of water and alcohol 50% each.
  • House wives’ love to clean such things with soapy solutions, but never ever do this with your laptop.

2. How to clean LCD : to clean LCD screen of your laptop use moist cloth and move it in circular form do not press LCD too hard while cleaning and do not leave any streaks  on LCD and dry LCD with an dry tissue or cloth after you are done .

3. How to clean exterior of your laptop: Best bet is to clean exterior with solution and take extra care do use dry cloth when done.

4. How to clean ports: No you won`t use damp cloth here use compressed air to clean ports .

5. How to clean your laptop’s CD/DVD drive: Do not touch lenses and best bet is to use compressed air.


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