Oct 16, 2011
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How to increase battery time of your best value laptop

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Save battery life of best value laptops

An internal battery of a best value laptops has huge task to provide power to all of the components of a laptop, From LCD, Sound cooling, hard drive and most important operating system. Consider all these components and then also external devices which are attached with the best value laptops and you will understand why a best value laptops battery drains off so quickly.


We can Save Battery power by using simple techniques discussed below.

  • Best value laptops brightness low, where ever you go try to keep your brightness at least level.
  • Use touchpad instead of external mouse, especially if you are using an external optical mouse that’s dreadful for your battery and your battery will drain off in no time.
  • Use built-in keyboard instead of external keyboard that will also consume a lot of battery power.
  • Also ways don`t let external devices plugged in when not in use.


By using these simple techniques you extend your battery life for

30-60 minutes and will keep your best value laptops battery healthy.



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