Nov 2, 2011
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HP EliteBook 8540p laptop Review

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HP EliteBook 8540p laptop Review

The HP EliteBook 8540p is a business type laptop designed to beat the Dell Latitude and the Lenove ThinkPad. This laptop offers an attractive metal finish framework, remarkable quality, high-end peripherals and graphics power. The HP EliteBook 8540p is a designed based on the needs of business professionals and other users who need a desktop replacement in a ultraportable package, still getting the job done wherever they go.

HP EliteBook 8540p laptop




HP EliteBook 8540p laptop Overview:


ü Intel Core i5-520M

ü Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

ü 8-Cell Battery

ü Intel Ultimate-N 6300 AGN WiFi, 1Gb Ethernet, Modem

ü 320GB HDD

ü NVIDIA NVS 5100m 1GB GDDR3 graphics card

ü 15.6-inch LED-backlit HDplus anti-glare screen

ü 2GB DDR3 of RAM *MAX OF 16GB

ü Bluetooth Connectivity

HP EliteBook 8540p laptop Market Price:


HP EliteBook 8540p laptop

All HP EliteBook series are metal brushed laptops; this feature adds attractiveness to the EliteBook business laptops, since business type laptops are usually uninteresting and boring based on their outer framework. Its metal finish adds an eye-catching design, helps to hide hand smudges and it offers a look that could withstand any workload abuse. Its design also reaches up to its screen hinges, putting up silver trims pieces around it, making it a design oriented laptop.

The Hp EliteBook 8540p offers a lot of features a business laptop should be, example of which is the keyboard; it has a dual trackpad and trackpoint, a touch strip for media controls and shortcuts. Blue, orange and green LED indicators are installed in the keyboard area giving the laptop a very sophisticated look. The keyboard also offers a numberpad which will be a big asset of the EliteBook 8540p if you have a lot of computations to do.

For a display of 1600×900, it is one of the EliteBook 8540p’s major assets. The display angles are quite good for a business laptop. It has an ambient light sensor that lets the computer do the adjustment on brightness if it is activated. The biggest problem so far is the lack of vertical space despite of the 16:9 aspect ratios.

For the speakers, it has a loud sound output and this laptop is good for media playback. The graphics card is a weak solution for business laptops. It is rather enough to cater the needs of an average laptop workload and high definition videos but this is not really for games out there. It has a good performance level, the EliteBook 8540p is an ultraportable laptop workhouse. The Intel Core-i5 is a great feature included in this laptop and the battery life can last up to 5 hours of usage.

The EliteBook 8540p is a good choice for all business professionals out there. You can never go wrong with its good looks, high performance and lots of other features packed in one.
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