Dec 12, 2013
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Lenovo G500s 15.6-inch Laptop Review

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Today at best value laptops the product we are going to talk about is Lenovo G500s,

Lenovo G500s Product Description
The Lenovo G500s 15.6-inch Laptop proudly boasts its solid processing and multimedia features. It is built with the third generation Intel Core processor that delivers top performance. Its Energy Management protects its battery life and utilizes the energy saving technology to increase the time between charges. The unit uses the AccuType keyboard that offers comfortable and accurate typing. This makes it ideal for work and play with its large capacity storage and integrated web cam features.

The quality graphics of Lenovo G500s let you enjoy films, games, apps and music. It comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT 720m 2GB graphics that delivers faster multimedia and gaming response on its 15.6 inch widescreen display. Enjoy using the unit with its battery life up to 4 hours. The unit comes in an ultra portable design weighing only 2.5 pounds and only 25.8 mm thick.

Lenovo G500s

Lenovo G500s Product Specifications

The G500s specs:

1.       Unit Brand: Lenovo
2.       Unit Weight: 3.5 Kg
3.       Unit Dimension: 38 x 26 x 2.6 cm
4.       Unit Color: Black
5.       Screen Size: 15.6 inches
6.       Processor Brand: Intel
7.       Processor Type: Intel Core i3
8.       Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
9.       RAM Size: 4 GB
10.   Memory Type:  DDR3 SDRAM
11.   Hard Drive Size: 500 GB
12.   Operating System: Windows 8

Who Can Use the Lenovo G500s

This is ideal for users who are working or playing. The unit is capable of delivering faster processing and better graphics that let users take advantage of this feature. It is ideal for home use, office use and even gamer that enjoy playing with their 3D games.

The Good

The performance of the unit is really superb because it can handle the most demanding applications at the same time. The graphics and screen resolution is really clear and crisp. The screen size is also acceptable especially in viewing or streaming videos. It has large storage capacity and has a faster processor.

The Bad

The main drawback of the unit is that it does not have an IPS screen. This is quite heavy and large. The keys are not backlit. This seems expensive compared to other brands.

Customer Reviews

There were 1,181 customer reviews that result in a total rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. There were 594 that voted for five stars, 219 for four stars, 120 for three stars, 89 for two stars and 159 for 1 star. Most of the reviewers stated that they find this unit really awesome when it comes to its performance and screen resolution. They find it useful in their work as they access different applications at the same time. This is even ideal for gaming, playing music and watching videos.

Lenovo G500s


Lenovo G500s is another quality and powerful unit from Lenovo. Check out these wonderful features that only this machine can deliver. This is equipped with the latest technology, third generation processors, large storage capacity and high end graphics for an optimum ans quality performance. This is one unit that is ideal for working application and even gaming. Experience all these when you buy Lenovo G500s.





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