Nov 6, 2011
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LENOVO IdeaPad B570 Product Review

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The new LENOVO IdeaPad B570 is a 15 inch laptop that is cheaper than the other IdeaPads of LENOVO, though it came from the IdeaPad series, this laptop promise a much cheaper cost to its high grade performance, full size keyboard, dependable computing and attractive design. But is this laptop worth a penny?

LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop

LENOVO IdeaPad B570 Product Overview:

LENOVO IdeaPad B570 Specifications:

ü  Intel Core i3 2310M

ü   3 Gb RAM

ü  Intel HD 3000 graphics

ü  320 GB HDD

ü  15.6 inch Screen

ü  6-cell Li-Ion Battery

ü  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 3G

ü  Windows 7 Premium 64 bit

ü  Microphone jack, Headphone jack, Fingerprint reader

ü  Integrated analog microphone

ü  6-in-1 card reader

LENOVO IdeaPad B570 Market Price:

LENOVO IdeaPad B570


The laptop’s lid is attractive and its overall appearance makes it better in the eyes. The B570’s keyboard is wide enough for fast touch-typing tasks and it has a numerical keypad for computations and calculations. The key symbols are coated with vibrant colours, making it more suitable for the overall black quality of the B570. Its trackpad buttons are quiet solid- in general, typing and at the same time clicking doesn’t give any problems on the LENOVO B570.

The boot time on this laptop is fast; for it usually takes only 15 seconds for the laptop to be ready for a day’s workloads. The fingerprint scanner will give you the ability to open applications whenever a swipe is detected. Powered by Intel dual-core 2.1GHz processor, the LENOVO B570 is capable of not only surfing and document processing but also heavy gaming and continuous multimedia editing


A 1366 x 768 resolution for this laptop is not that bad, but the display is too reflective.  Its viewing angles are pretty good, but most of the time you’ll consider to switch places according to where there is a shade as the display is too reflective. Its 320GB HDD is merely not enough to feed a user’s hunger for storage and the saddest part is there will be no upgrade in this part. So you will have to buy an external HDD to suffice your needs.

The only setback we can find on the LENOVO B570 is the hard drive storage, we all know that the kind of hard disk storage is insufficient but for an overall performance rate is amazing. For a cheap price, the peripherals and chipsets are not compromised. This LENOVO B570 is a well engineered laptop designed for users who want to experience a powerful desktop replacement for a cheap price.

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