Nov 3, 2011
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LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop Review

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LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop Review

The LENOVO IdeaPad S205 is an AMD powered laptop designed to give a users more computing power for a cheap price. This IdeaPad S205 target users who need a lot more computing needs packed in one ultraportable laptop. The IdeaPad S205’s stylish looks and high performance level is just a piece of what this notebook can do, giving more what average notebook can offer.

LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop


LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop Overview:

LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop Specifications:

ü  AMD E-350 Processor

ü  Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System

ü  4 GB of RAM

ü  11.6 inches Screen Size

ü  AMD Radeon HD 6310M Graphics Card

ü  500 GB HDD

ü  WiFi Enabled 802.11n

ü  External Optical Drive


LENOVO IdeaPad S205 Market Price:

LENOVO IdeaPad S205 laptop






ü  Performance rating is good

ü  High Quality display

ü  Wide spaced keyboard

ü  Big HDD storage capabilities

ü  Big RAM for a notebook

ü  HDMI onboard port


D  Touchpad is small

D  Disappointing battery life



At first glance, you could say that this LENOVO IdeaPad S205 is like a netbook. It has the same design and framework that a netbook should be but look a little further and you will find out that this is a living manifestation of the big leap forward to the traditional netbook framework.

The traditional netbooks are limited to what hardware are they going to choose in order to cope up with the operating system needs but this LENOVO IdeaPad S205 shifted to Windows 7 Home Premium which gave way to a wide hardware choices. The Intel Atom is the most common processor a netbook has to offer but this was beaten by the AMD Fusion E-350 which is more powerful in handling desktop applications, videos and a 3D Full Screen. With a 4 Gigabyte of RAM and a 500GB hard disk, this is more than a netbook like has to offer, for users who need a lot of computing and multitasking needs then this laptop is right choice for you.

There is no dedicated video card in this laptop, but for an AMD to be paired with a ATI video graphics card it means that there is somewhat a good performance output to be noticed with this integrated peripheral. Playing high resolution videos in this laptop is good and could even play a much more high definition video file (1080p). The integrated graphics card is not good in gaming, the keyboard is good and has a wide spacing for proper typing, audio quality is also good not loud and not that quite. This laptop is suitable for a user who wants to enjoy a fast pace ultraportable laptop with high-end peripherals and top-rank performance outputs, enjoying a smooth ride of this laptop wherever you go.


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