May 17, 2015
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Samsung Series 5 550 3G Chromebook Review

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Product Description

With the Samsung Chromebook Series 5, you can enjoy surfing, streaming and working the whole day with just one charge. It offers 10 second booting and longer battery life up to 8.5 hours, which is just enough to give you the ultimate web experience that you won’t find in any other model.

The Samsung Series 5 is a Chrome-based operating system that offers a streamlined user interface that makes it easier to navigate the web. It prevents malware and viruses from accessing data without the need to run any anti-virus application. This has a 12.1 inch LED backlit display with anti-reflective screen. The machine is powered by a next generation dual core Intel processor that combines fast performance and energy efficiency. It only weighs 1.3 kilograms in an ultra-compact design that offers portability.

The machine comes with 4GB of RAM and 16GB on-board SSD storage. It comes with other peripheral parts such as the two USB ports, headphone, jack, DisplayPort to DVI, HDMI and VGA, SD card slot and Ethernet jack. The onboard HD Webcam works easily when using video chat. The video quality is of a good quality, even for a mainstream laptop. With the Intel Celeron processor and added RAM makes the windows better in handling documents and other application. With its 1080p video it can stream video smoothly and can run some Web-based games.

It is easy to get connected anytime and anywhere with its built-in WI-Fi and 3G. It also includes an ultra-fast Wireless-N networks. It is also equipped with dedicated search key and a comfortable full size layout that does not cramp your fingers and makes less errors. Its intelligent battery charging technology makes the battery last longer, up to 1,000 recharges that is longer than the typical battery life. This makes it very economical and environmentally friendly. Buying the unit  also includes the power adapter and instruction manual.

Product Specifications

Unit Brand: Samsung

Unit Weight: 1.4 kg

Unit Screen Size: 12.1 inches

Processor Type: Intel Celeron

Processor Speed: 1.3 GHz

RAM Size: 4GB

Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM

Hard Drive Size: 16GB

Graphics Card: Integrated DDR3 SDRAM

Operating System: Chrome OS


You can download anything in this device as long as you are connected to the Internet. Opening it is very fast and easy. It even starts automatically. It has longer battery life that let you use your machine the whole day in just one charge. The keyboard comes in regular size which is easy to use and the touchpad is quite large. This is very portable with its weight at 1.3 kilograms.


Basically, this is not a laptop, but a netbook. You cannot enjoy using the Office applications easier on the screen. It has a smaller screen at 12.1 inches. This is one expensive netbook that got the price like a laptop.


Using the notebook makes it easier to update the applications, even managing the files. The Samsung 5 550 is not a bad netbook, although this is expensive, it is still worth the money. As users would get all the benefits of the Google’s cloud based services. But this can still work without an internet connection. There is no reason why you would not love this unit.



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