Sep 21, 2017
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The Best Student laptops for 2017/18

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As the new term hits off, one thing every student needs is a laptop. So here are our top 3 picks for 2017/18 students. Taking into consideration price, durability, features, memory, usage, and all the other stuff important to students as a whole. These laptops are not subject specific, but this article may refer to specific features that could help specific subject students!

1. Dell XPS 13

This one is an all rounder, it is great for all kinds of courses. It is not the cheapest, but then again it’s not the most expensive either, but it is definitely worth the money! Lets look at some pros and cons!

Dell XPS 13


  • Excellent Battery life
  • 7th Generation core performance
  • Compared to other laptops it has more ports
  • A slim design
  • Powerful performance; but light weight
  • Phenomenal Wi-fi range
  • Attractive colour options (Including rose gold)
  • 8GB memory and 128GB solid


  • The webcam placement may be awkward for some
  • The palm rest is a bit of a smudge magnet

Overall the Dell XPS 13  is a classy laptop that’s worth the money in more ways than not.

2. Mac Book Air 

Now this one has a few generations and some may have thought that the line had ended, but fear not, apple has just come out with another one! Although some students with heavier work may decide to go for the new Mac book pro, being a student myself, I think the air is more than sufficient in terms of memory, work load, features and usage. So lets look at some pros and cons!


  • Great value for money (Considering the brand)
  • Slim, attractive physique and colour options
  • Light weight; carrying it around campus
  • Epic Battery life
  • If you’re loyal to apple with the iPhone and other gadgets, it is great to have everything synced
  • Great keyboard; with the “butterfly effect” it is great for those long essays and papers!
Macbook Air

MacBook Air


  • No Touch screen
  • No CD/DVD option
  • Limited hardware upgrade options compared to windows
  • Not suited to graphics design or heavier students due to its power.

So whilst it may have an almost balance of ups and downs, what doesn’t? Everybody knows it is a popular brand on any campus with students from Humanities, social science and such subjects, the engineers, graphic designers and such students may want something a bit more versatile and customisable. Finally, it is quite durable and will carry you out your 3 or 4 years of university, with its 1.8Ghz processor.

3. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501

This next one is for the gaming fanatics and those students who require that extra power to complete assignments, research and work. So lets look at the pros and cons!


  • Incredible power: with a Core i7 CPU and GTX 1080 graphics it is one of those you’ll be playing on for the next few years, easily. It may be bigger than your average MacBook Pro or Windows, but its worth it if you’re using the power!
  • Quiet cooling
  • A thin design (For a gaming laptop); Almost as thin as the MacBook
  • A 1920×1080 screen
  • 179mm width
  • Bottom panel drop: extra cooling
  • Futuristic Aesthetic
  • 15.6″ screen; great detail and vibrant colour
  • Smooth frame rate: Wonderful to look at!
  • Trackpad converts to number pad; Appeals to all you geeks!
Asus ROG

Asus ROG


  • Unusual trackpad placement; It is also smaller.
  • Weak Audio
  • Not so perfect battery life

So there you have it, whilst the pros CLEARLY out way the cons for this FANTASTIC MODEL , there are a few things you may have to sacrifice on. However it is perfect for high productivity and for all you gaming fanatics!


So whilst this was a short and sweet article for all the students we have out there, I hope it helped and you find the perfect laptop for you university career!








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