Oct 6, 2017
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Top Budget laptops for this season!

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After a bit of research and looking around at some pictures, I narrowed my search down to the Top 3 budget laptops. I know usually the norm is 8 or 5 or 10, but why read through loads of them when you can have the best? Here are my top 3 picks of budget laptops for this season!

1.Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1


I personally love the sleek design and look of this one, and the company? Well, you will here lots of mixed reviews, but overall Lenovo is a trustworthy, reliable and quite diverse. I chose this one for number one because of its purely touch keyboard, wonderful specks and for a measly £332 on Amazon . It’s a good take home bargain. The Yoga book  is crazy light and not to mention thin, with Intel HD Graphics 400, 4GB RAM (LPDDR3), a 8.500mAh Batery, Windows 10 Anniversary edition or Android 6.0.1 and a 2MP front facing camera and a 8MP rear camera with auto focus. There are just a few of the draw dropping specs for this beauty!


2. Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 



This next one is definitely going to leave you with a lot more than pennies, for £180 on Amazon and a known, long time industry creator, this little beast will brighten your tasks for sure! It’s small, colourful, light and takes portable to a much easier level! It may not be as fast as other models, but it has a great battery life, perfect for those everyday tasks and quick plans, it can also fold back into a tablet for those more touchy tasks! The specs include; 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Windows 10 processor and an 11.6 inch screen, it is pet decent for the price it sells for.

3. Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431

This 14 Inch luxury Gold netbook comes in 2GB or 4GB, prices from £247 and £303 respectively, on Amazon. This particular model is thin, compact, but with a big screen for those who love to watch movies and shows on their laptops, with Full HD resolution and a low reflection and anti-glare screen, you can expect top notch quality on this one! It also has a built in webcam which supports HDR imaging and a 12hour battery life. It’s an all aluminium alloy and excellent durability, so you can be rest assure it won’t give way on you anytime soon! You can also enjoy phenomenal wifi speeds with its dual band MMO technology!







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