Sep 2, 2011
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What are best value laptops prices ?

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Best value laptopsTalking about best value laptops ? let me tell you , A day comes in everyone`s life when we have to throw away our old ,tired aged ,slow and aged annoying laptop and get a brand new shiny and faster new smart machine , While making a purchase no one likes to buy a old model , every one of us is always looking for a fantastic advanced and a best value laptop , I mean will you buy a laptop which was released in January 2010 ? I don`t think anyone likes to buy older crappy machines. Yea I know you will say dude I am taking money out of my pocket so why not buy something new which work with all latest technologies for at least two years. Maybe you are a kind of guy who changes his taste every month or after every three ,four months but a guy like me whose bread and butter is just technical writing , I will prefer a best value laptop which I can use at least two or three years with me easily . ok so here is a really very interesting question , I mean how will you realize your laptop is now worth throwing into dust bin only now. ?
First, to figure out this piece of silicon is totally expires totally, it’s not possible for everyone to know I mean not everyone can judge is his laptop is expired or not. That also requires some special skills. Oh you got worried!!!!! Nope! I was just kidding it’s very easy to figure out whether your machine is expired or not anyways Answer is simple when you feel like you are fed up of your machine just take credit card out and set out for laptop hunt!!

Why Best Value Laptops?

Ok so first let’s explain what exactly best value laptops are. A laptop which is cheaper in price, meeting your needs 100%, fast and accurate is a best value laptop. In simple words it’s a best suited product for you!

Buying best value laptops?

Now some of you must be thinking oh kj you didn`t mentioned about shape, look and color of the laptop? For such people I have one answer is always same. Dude not everyone is same some people have tight pockets. So if they start looking at looks and shapes and they end up on a £3000 while they have £500 in pocket? Let’s make it simple you are looking for a laptop not a girl friend rite? Why would I bother if I get a laptop in £250 and it meets my all requirements and is also cheaper and most of all brand new with warranty !!!!

What Features should best value laptops have?>

Best value laptops vary from person to person according to your needs. To find your best value laptop analyze your computer needs and usage . Make a check list of things you do on your laptop , how and for which purposes you use your laptop . which software’s you use which software you use daily and what’s name of software you use weekly , are there any needs or requirements which your current laptop is not fulfilling I mean I would definitely not recommend you to buy a new laptop if your current laptop is meeting your needs and its working fine . I mean in cases where your laptop is not compatible with software’s or it’s out dated. For example if your current laptop is heavy and you feel uncomfortable during travel .Our battery f your laptop goes dead after few time and that really irritates you , or your old laptop is not able to run latest games in it , or its not letting you watch HD YouTube videos then its time you should buy new laptop but everything is working and you are still looking for a laptop I would not recommend you to buy new one anyways it’s your money your choice what can I do about it 😉

It also could be this case that your old laptop has given up and is totally dead or its not giving 100% results go ahead its perfect time for you to find best value laptops for you .

Purchasing best value laptops

There are different factors to keep in mind while buying best value laptops. These factors are according to your needs While looking for a laptop you will definitely have to decide what size you want, what should be laptop`s weight and how long is its battery life what about performance and what about processor, RAM, and Hard drive specific hardware you require with laptop (you can find all this information in my previous article (buying best value laptops)
You should also not always think for cheaper solution best approach is to look for quality sometimes if you are not able to find an affordable model. Be easy and wait for few days new laptops are being released every day just wait for a new better in quality and affordable in price hit market so you can have your best value laptop .
If you are a apple fan, most suitable timing for you is apple launches its new Mac Book. Apple mainly releases its new products revisions twice a year. So my point is don`t end up buying a apple MacBook just before release of new apple Mac Book. Calm down and wait for time when apple releases its new Mac Book and its previous Mac Book prices will lower that’s time for you to attack and grab a Mac Book at very affordable price. Apple mainly launches its products in (March to May timeframe) and some small updates in November/October).
Exact timing may differ but if you keep on apple spy blogs and websites you will get a idea when apple is going to release its new product.

Or you can wait for season`s when most of companies give offer special deals to its customers for example special discount deals during summer and in Christmas days.
Main point is don’t panic if you are not able to find a affordable new laptop just relax and wait for suitable time meanwhile you can upgrade your older laptop keep working on it until you buy new one . Or you could work on saving some money to be able to even best value laptop .what about saving money for almost 6 months and then buying a latest apple Mac Book on its release date? I can feel how much happy you will be so take my advice and wait for rite timing more better is keep on saving more money so you can buy a more perfect and a machine true classified in best value laptops.

Old is gold!!

When new laptop models are hitting the market every day you can also look for a laptop which was famous few months ago? Don`t go too far I am talking about March, April? Maybe new laptop you want to buy turn to be a flop? Or what if its battery timing is not good? As compared to a laptop released 3 months ago with all features and qualities are present in new laptop? Aren`t you just running for name or price tag? Sometimes an old model laptop can also turn a best value laptop for you .May be it is not good in looks as compared to a new latest laptop but still it was also in best value laptops of its time. And maybe it is much better than performance also.
Lap top are much different from smart phones, as they are still in development stage there are no standard software’s for them. just for an example an latest mobile phone`s Operating system cannot be used on a old cell phone where as in laptops there are standards most of the laptops are compatible with latest Operating systems and software’s until there are not 7 ,8 years old . In this Time of Linux, Mac OS and windows all of software’s have capabilities to work with every type of machine from new to old. Difference is if you are having latest machine it will be fast and if you have an grandfather`s gift that will work slow.
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